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ant4eclipse M4 released

On monday we published the ant4eclipse M4 milestone release to Sourceforge. You can download them here:

Resolved and closed issues in this release:

ant4eclipse PDE:
ant4eclipse platform:  
AE-197 NullPointerException in cvsGetProjectSet
AE-198 Add path variable support for linked resources
ant4eclipse JDT:  
AE-191 Add support for excluded/included patterns in JDT project's source path
AE-194 buildJdtProject-macro fails on projects without source directories
AE-195 executeJdtProject fails if no JRE-Container is set on classpath
AE-196 buildJdtProject deletes project content if output folder is set to root folder
AE-199 Referenced project without classpath entries
AE-201 Enable javadoc parsing in ECJ
AE-202 NullPointerException in JavaProjectRoleImpl
AE-192 Plug-in build should fail if no exist

Please feel free to add new bugs and feature requests to our JIRA issue tracker at or discuss with other users at our ant4eclipse forum

Happy building ;-)

bugtracker offline

I'd like to report a bug but currently the bugtracker responds with a connection error :-\